Wednesday, August 27, 2014

*Responsive Reading for Power

Embrace You and Learn You... Then Grow... Don't Give up!

*Responsive Reading for Power

  1. I Am made in the image and likeness of God. The one Presence and one Power in the Universe; the everywhere equally present Spirit of Absolute Good.
  2. God is Life; therefore I Am Life, filled with Health, Vitality and Energy.
  3. God is Love; therefore, I Am Love, filled with Joy, Peace, Harmony and Happiness.
  4. God is Substance; therefore I Am Substance (God) filled with Spiritual Essence, and the Living Energy of God is drawing to me all that I need.
  5. God is Wisdom; therefore I Am filled with Intelligence, guided by my Intuition, the Still Small Voice of God.
  6. God is Power; therefore I Am Power filled with the ability to Do all things, to Accomplish all things, to Produce all things, and to Master all things.
  7. God is Spirit. I am Spirit. God is my Father and I Am His Child. The father and I are one!
  8. All that the Father is I Am and all that the Father has is Mine. I Accept and Project these Truths in my Mind, World, Life and Affairs at all times.
*Taken from Understanding Principles for Better Living Church under the leadership of Rev Della Reese-Lett at 

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