Monday, August 18, 2014

Prayer for Today: Monday, August 18, 2014

Prayer for Today: Monday, August 18, 2014

Father God, Thank You for Blessing Everyone Today Worldwide. THANKS BECAUSE We are All Connected to One Great Eternal Spirit that Created All Things and Everyone That Exists in our Life's Spear Physically, Spiritually and Mentally and That Is You!!!!  Father God We ALL Have to Live, Love & Hope Together Every Day of Our Lives so Thanks for Blessing Each of Us with Our Own Unique Needs as well as our Daily Bread, Shelter and Special Gifts of Creativity that You Expect Us to Share with Others.  Father Please Forgive us for Transgressing against YOU and others today as we continue to forgive those that have transgressed against us. Thanks Father God because Forgiveness begins with You and We All Sin (Transgress) so Thanks for Reminding Us of This When We Begin to Point the Finger at Others.  Father God Thanks for Helping Us Work Out Our Differences with Forgiveness and to have the Ability to Move On Because Proof of Your Forgiveness for All of Us Daily is the Gift of the Breath and Life as We Begin Each Day of Our Lives.  Father God Our Daily Breath of Life is Your Gift that Says We Have Been Forgiven One More DAY! So Thanks for Helping Us Remember that We All Have to Live, Love and Support One Another Peacefully for Everyone to Live Safely.  I Love You! I Love You for Being Our Source of Life, Love, Peace and Prosperity!!! You are the Great I AM for the Whole World and You are Awesome!!!!  Father Today’s Special Prayer is Anyone who is Suffering from Homelessness and Financial Distress.   Please help them find shelter and a home as well as employment, to pay their bills to find relief through the stress that they are enduring through the process. Thanks for helping All of Your Children Find Assistance from Your Myriad of Support Systems worldwide.  Finally, I Thank You for Answering the Prayers, Pleas, and Petitions from all of Your Children Worldwide Today with Mercy and Grace!!! Father God Thanks for Teaching Us All that Forgiveness is Important to our *Physical Longevity, Mental Stability and Worldwide Peace and Prosperity and Thanks for Teaching us All that We Have to Always Remember It is Your World and We Only Reside Here for a Short Time so it would be Best for All of Us to Work on Getting Along as We Share This World’s Resources for They are All of Ours via You, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory For Ever and Ever.  Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen…

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You never know when your time is coming. Like birds suddenly caught in a trap, like fish caught in a net, we are trapped at some evil moment when we least expect it. Ecclesiastes 9:12 (Good News Translation)
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