Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prayer for Today: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

**Prayer for Today: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Father GOD Who Art in Heaven and in Earth Residing In, Through, and Around Everyone and Everything Living, Moving and Breathing - I Sincerely Thank You for Blessing Every Living Thing including Your People with the Ability to Live to Another Day. Yes!  You are so Awesome!  Holy Father Thanks for all Your Spiritual Gifts and for Blessing all Your Children Worldwide Today with Life and Love. My God is Spirit and He created Us in His Spiritual Image, Yes! Father, I Thank You for Your Ongoing Forgiveness today and for Your Continual Support for Us All as We move Forward with a Positive Reflection of You and Your Holy Spirit in Our Personal and Professional Lives.  Please Forgive All of Us for Our Transgressions Against You Today and Please Continue to Lead us Not into Temptation and to Deliver us from Evil as we continue to forgive those who have transgressions with us. Father God, Thank You for Assisting Everyone in their Individual Personal and Professional Successes this week and for providing us all with food and shelter and our other needs. You are Wonderful and I know that it is by Your Grace and Tender Mercy that we have made it to this day. Holy Father May You grant the petitions of my family, friends, associates and everyone in the world today We were created in Sin and it is a Daily fight for All of Us Worldwide.  Father Teach Us to Love and Share and not to Envy, Covet and be Jealous and Hurt Each Other Because You said *All THINGS ARE YOURS. Your Holy Word says, “Therefore let no man glory in men, for all things are yours”. - 1 Corinthians 3:21 (1611 King James Bible) – Father God We All have Access to You and Your Power! All we have to do is Ask for Assistance. No man, woman or child is better than another man, woman or child regardless of their birth nationality, race, sexual preference etc. We are All Your spiritual and physical subjects and will have to live as You dictate in our future spiritual lives. We are blessed because whether we fully acknowledge Your existence in our lives today or not We All live, breathe and move in You and in Your World So Thanks for Your Grace and Mercy Every Single Day of Our Lives. Father Today’s Special Prayer is for Anyone Worldwide who is suffering from any illness such virus or infection as well as any form of breathing malady in their physical bodies. Please send support and intervention so that they may have the assistance that they need. Thanks for blessing all the medical staff that work in any field medicine today and thanks for blessing their families and friends. Thanks for giving them a desire to assist others who have issues with cancer and any other medical condition. I Thank You by My Personal Faith in You for a physical, spiritual, and mental healing for each one of them. You are Awesome Father God! Yes You Are! Father I Thank You, Praise You, Worship You BECAUSE YOU ARE GOD; THE GREAT I AM! YOU ARE TRUTH, LOVE AND MERCY EVERY DAY. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND HONOR YOU FOREVER BECAUSE THINE IS THE KINGDOM THE POWER AND THE GLORY FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY! AMEN, HALLELUJAH, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WORTHY OF PRAISE AND HONOR! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN…

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