Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prayer for Today: Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Prayer for Today: Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Father God I Love You and Thank You for another Wednesday for my Family, Friends, Associates and Everyone that Exists in Your World. Father I Thank You for Blessing Us Daily with Food and Shelter and for Leading Us All Away from Negativity and Evil This Day Amen! Father Please Forgive us for all our transgressions today as You continue to teach us to forgive others for transgressing against us. thanks for always showing each of us your tender mercy for our transgressions even though we are often repeat offenders.  Lord God it’s Wednesday and the middle of a normal workweek so thanks for helping all of us all work at the myriad of jobs that we possess. Thanks for also providing all our professional needs on the jobs that we are blessed to have and MOST of all thanks for the financial prosperity that is Your gift to us all.  Father Today’s Special Prayer is for Every Person who is seeking an education or any student who is continuing the educational process in an effort to obtain a higher degree in any technical or educational field of study. Please open doors and avenues for them to have everything that they need to streamline the process for obtaining an education. Thanks for blessing every new student who is starting to attend any education institution with a desire to increase their learning to share with family, friends and everyone in the world at large. Thanks for giving them an opportunity to grow mentally and financially with ease from the opportunities that will transpire from the additional educational growth. Thanks You Father God For Every Good Thing That You Provide Us All With Daily. I Love You. I Praise You and I Honor You Today and Forever as the Highest God and The Alpha and Omega. Father God You are the Greatest Educator. Thanks for Jesus Christ, His Sacrifice and Your Holy Spirit Who Lives to Share the Light of Your Truth with Your Children Worldwide Daily. Finally Thanks for Answering All The Prayers That I Have Brought Before You this Year in Regard to Health and Wealth and Most of All for Healing All Believers in Both of These Areas Worldwide. I Thank You Father God for Your Continual Love and Daily Support Every Single Day for the Whole World and Everyone and Everything in it! I Praise You Today for Your Mercy and Truth Forever For the Gift of Jesus Christ and the Gift of the Holy Spirit Because Ultimately Thine is The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory as Our Supreme Father and Creator of this Universe and All Worlds in Your Heavenly Body! Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen….

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