Friday, September 5, 2014

Prayer for Today: Friday, September 05, 2014

Prayer for Today: Friday, September 05, 2014

My Father GOD Who Art in Heaven and in Earth Residing In, Through, and Around Everyone and Everything Living, Moving and Breathing – Today I Sincerely Thank You for Blessing Every Living Thing including Your People with the Ability to End Another Work Week in 2014 with the Ability to Move, Breathe and Comprehend that You Exist!  Father God, Thank You for Assisting Everyone in their Individual Personal and Professional Successes this Last week, and May You as Lord of All Things Bless them with New Inspiration  for the Rest of 2014. You are Wonderful and I know that it is by Your Grace and Tender Mercy that We Were All able to Perform this week in a POSITIVE Manner. Thanks for not Leading Us into Temptations and also for Delivering us from Negativity and Evil Desires and Pursuits the will Keep Us in Bondage to them and ultimately an Eternity Burning in the *Lake of Fire. Father God You is Amazing and I ADORE YOU. Lord God thanks FOR Forgiving All of Us for Our debts as we continue to learn how to forgive others of their debts with us. I Know THAT You Have Forgiven Us ALL because We are Still Alive! You My Father Have a Tremendous Amount of Mercy, Oh Yes You Do, So Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! Most of All Thanks for Reminding Us of Your Mercy When We are Slow at Forgiving Others When They Transgress and Hurt Us.  Father Today’s Special Prayer is for Any One and Everything-meaning our pets and other animals.  Please Heal Us and All Living Things of any Disease and Illnesses and Thanks Father God I Love You. Thanks for All Things that are Good for All of Us Worldwide. Father You ARE the Power that Moves our Earthly Bodies and our Minds. Thanks for Removing all Negative Situations that Continually Places Your Children in any Form of Physical and Mental Bondage. Finally Father Thanks for Your Personal Gift of **Jesus Christ our Advocate and the Gift of the ***Holy Spirit our Teacher and Comforter Because We Need Them as We Continue to Reside in these Physical Bodies!  Father God I Want to Thank ****Jesus Christ for His Special Sacrifice Because He Intercedes and So Father GOD Thanks for Your Love, Support and Blessings Today for Us All Everywhere in the World.  I Love-Praise-Bless You and Jesus Christ Right Back Because Yours is the Kingdom the Power and the Glory Forever and Ever. Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen…

** Jesus Christ our Advocate ~
*** Holy Spirit our Advocate and Intercedes ~
 **** Jesus Christ Intercedes and Propitiates ~

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