Sunday, September 14, 2014

Prayer for Today: Sunday, September 14, 2014

Prayer for Today: Sunday, September 14, 2014

Father God thanks for Blessing Me and all My Fellow Brothers and Sisters Worldwide with the Ability to Start a New Week! I Love You! You are Awesome and Father I Honestly Believe that Mentally Your Children Do Not Truly Comprehend How Awesome You and the Godhead are and this is Truly a Spiritual Travesty!  Father God. On the first day of the week, I would like to ask for Your forgiveness for my debts and all my brothers and sisters transgressions as well. Thank You for forgiving all Your children worldwide for our transgressions as we continue to learn to forgive and to actually forgive others who have debts with us. Thanks for helping us to forgive others in the same manner that You forgive us and allows us to move on and grow.  Lord God please Help us to become more Mindful, Grateful and Thankful for the Things that You Continually Bless Us All with Daily! Father Thanks again for Leading Us Away From Any Negative Issues and Temptations that are Keeping Us In Bondage with the spirit of deceit and deception! You are so Generous so Thanks for helping us to be as generous. Thanks for supplying us all food and shelter this new week. Father Today’s Special Prayer is for the disenchanted people who are contemplating ending their lives. Please help them by letting them know that there is a way out of the pain and stress that is pushing them into believing that suicide is the only way out of the situation.  Please send support and intervention so that they may have the assistance that they need. Thanks for blessing all the medical staff who work in the field of psychiatry and psychology today. Thanks for blessing their families and friends. Thanks for giving them a desire to assist others who have issues with mental stress and other related issues like depression and psychotic behavior. Father You are the Father of Light, Health, Strength and You are Awesome! So Thanks for Blessing Each Person Living Today and for Providing Us All with Jesus Christ our Lord and the Savior of the World for Everyone Who Accepts the Gifts of Life and Support that You Provided via His Sacrifice!  Father Thanks for the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Teacher while  You Continue to Heal us of All Illnesses that exist in this negativity at these current times.  Father I Thank You, Praise You, Worship You BECAUSE YOU ARE THE HIGHEST GOD! YOU ARE TRUTH, LOVE AND MERCY EVERY DAY SO I WILL LOVE AND HONOR YOU FOR THINE IS THE GODHEAD AND IS THE KINGDOM THE POWER AND THE GLORY THIS NEW WEEK AND FOREVER! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE BE TO GOD MY SPIRITUAL FATHER, CREATOR AND LORD GOD OF ALL WORLDS, THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH!!!! Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen…

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