Friday, September 19, 2014

Prayer for Today: Friday, September 19, 2014

Prayer for Today: Friday, September 19, 2014

Father God in the midst of so much negativity and other issues in our world today, I want to Thank You for assisting billions of Your Children worldwide today. Please forgive us yet again for our transgressions as we gracefully forgive others of their transgressions against us. Thanks for leading us not into temptation and please deliver us from evil. Thanks for providing food and shelter and above all thanks for Your saving grace. You are Awesome. I Love that You are so Merciful and Forgiving. Thanks for always taking into consideration that we are human not just spiritual beings and many of us do no acknowledge our spiritual sides but only the physical. Thanks for opening up the hearts of each of us today and help us to realize that we are wonderfully made. Lord God please help us realize that when we look into our mirrors that *Amazing Image staring back at us is Your Gift to us daily because That Image looking back at us is made in Your Wonderful Image! Thanks Father God. Your Spirituality is what moves us into movement and motion daily.  I Will Love You, Honor You and Praise You Forever. Father Today’s Special Prayer is for all spiritual sojourners but especially for those who are seeking You and there is no one to help them find You.  Please assist any of them that are suffering from any form of illness or disease, and thanks for their healing.  Father thanks for giving them loving support from their providers and most of all from their family members if they have any living.  Father God I Thank You for answering all the Prayers that I have brought before You this year in 2014; You are Awesome! Thanks for All of Your Daily Love and Support.  Father Thanks for Your Personal Gift of Jesus Christ our Counselor and for Gift of the **Holy Spirit our Teacher and Comforter as we reside in these Physical Bodies; Father I also want to Thank Jesus Christ for His Special Sacrifice!!!  Big Brother Jesus: Thanks for Your Love, Support and Blessings Today for Us All Everywhere in the World.  I Love-Praise-Bless You Father God and Jesus Christ Because ***Yours is the Kingdom the Power and the Glory Forever and Ever. Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

*Humanity is made in the image of God! For more go here:
**The Holy Spirit is Ours ~ He is our Counselor, Guide, He Intercedes for Us, He is the Spirit of Truth and our Teacher… For more go here:
****** Special Bible Study ~ Jesus Christ’s Power ~ Ephesians 1   

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