Monday, June 13, 2016

Prayer for Today: Monday, June 13, 2016

Prayer for Today: Monday, June 13, 2016
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Our Father God Who Resides in Heaven and on Earth on This Day, May You Continue to Bless Us as Your Children with the Ability To Function Successfully In Our Personal and Professional Lives As Another New Work Week Begins.  Father Today’s Special Prayer is for Work Agencies that Help Your Children Find Employment and also for State, Federal or Any Other Law Enforcement Agency Worldwide Who Currently Need Help and Additional Training for All Negativity that is Occurring within Them. Lord God Thanks for Helping Our Worldwide Employment Agencies In Any Government Make Decisions That Include All of Your Children in a Positive Manner. We are All Your Children and No One should be Left Harmed from Police Forces Who are Improperly Trained.

Father Thanks for Your Love, Grace, and Mercy Today, and Forever and Thanks Again for Blessing Everyone in Your World Today Mentally, Physically, and Financially.  Father Please Continue to Remove Us From Any Negative Behavior That Is Keeping Us In Bondage, and Jobless In Mental Pain and Stress, Thanks; and So May We All Move Through This New Week With Love, Peace, and Hope In All Our Endeavors Remembering That You Are An Awesome God Who Listens To Us and Will Work With Us In All Things Big Or Small? Father God In the U.S. and Many Areas Worldwide We Are Experiencing Problems With All Sort of Issues With Policemen Against Many Jobless, Homeless, and People Suffering with Mental Disabilities, so Please Help Us To Continue To Work Through These Issues With Successful Training for Everyone Involved at the Local and Federal Levels Worldwide. Thank You Father You are Awesome!!! Today, as a Spiritual Learner, and Sojourner I Thank You for Blessing All Your Children Worldwide With Our Daily Food, Shelter, and the Rest of Our Needs.  Lord God Please Forgive All of Us as Your Children of Our Debts As We Forgive Others of Their Debts With Us.  Father God Thanks for Your Grace Today For Myself, and For All People Worldwide Who Possess Jobs and Are Able To Function Well Because 
of These Positions.  Please Lead All Your Children Not Into Negativity and Temptation as You Continue to Deliver Us from Evil, Thanks Lord God Because This Prayer Is For All Your People’ Worldwide Today, Whether They Acknowledge You or Not; You are God!!!  Lord God for Everyone Who is asking for a Physical, Mental, or Financial Healing; I Am Touching, and Agreeing with Them Mentally and Prayerfully for a Healing by Our Combined Faiths. Father God Thanks for Your Continual Loving Care, and Generosity Worldwide In All of Our Physical and Spiritual Matters Including Those of Health and Finances. Thanks Especially for Getting Me Safely to and from California for a Visit for the Graduation Ceremonies and with My Spiritual Sister Evett, and My Spiritual Brother Van and Their Family, You Rock!! Father God I Ask All Things in Your Name, in Jesus Christ Your Holy Son’s Name and in the name of the Holy Spirit for All Things so Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and I Shall Continue to Praise, and Honor You for Everything That You Shall Provide for All of Us The Rest of This New Week Because We are Yours, and You are The Most Highest God. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks for Interceding My Father Because Ultimately This World are Your Kingdom, It Moves By Your Power and Glory and It Will Forever and Ever As You Will for Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory for Ever and Ever.  Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen…
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