Sunday, February 28, 2016

Prayer for Today: Sunday, February 28, 2016

Prayer for Today:  Sunday, February 28, 2016
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Our Father Who Art in Heaven and Earth Thanks for another Sunday and New Week Your World; Father God Father God Today’s Special Prayer is for Love, Forgiveness, and Physical and  
Mental Healing. Thanks for Blessing All Your Children Worldwide With The Capacity To Love And Forgive Others As They Love Them. Father Please Help Us To Have Love And Support from The Person That We Ultimately Choose as Our Life Partner That Is Similar to Your *Agape Type of Love That You Have For Us Rather Than Love That Is Not Positive.  So Thanks for Helping Us to Love Family Members, Partners, Friends, Associates, and Everyone That Is a Part of Our Lives in the Correct Manner. Lord God for Everyone Who is asking for a Physical, Spiritual, or Mental Healing; I Am Touching, and Agreeing with Them Via Cyberspace Mentally for a Healing By Our Combined Faiths.  Father Please Forgive Us of our Debts as You Continue to Teach Us to Have Forgiveness for Those Who Have Debts with Us and Thanks for Blessing Us with the Capacity to Know the Differences Between Familial, Friendship, and a Lover’s Love from a Basis of Holiness with Your Blessing for Us Physically and Mentally.  Lord God Please Continue to Lead Us Away From Temptation, and Negative Behavior That Are Designed To Keep Us in Bondage to the Spirit of Deceit and Unlawfulness in Continual Conflict of Your Laws, and Our Current World Laws for Us and Others. Father Thanks  for Helping Us to Look to You for Small and Large Things with Faith; and Thanks Always Providing All Things That We Request As Well As Our Daily Bread and Shelter Every Day of Our Lives; I Love You; and Thank You for Saving, Healing and Blessing Your People Every Single Day of Their Lives with *Agape Love From Birth until Death. You are Great, The Most High God, and Every Single Day I Will Praise You. Thanks Especially for All Things that are Positive, Good, and True Via
 Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; and Lord God, Thank You Blessing Everyone Today Worldwide BECAUSE “We are All Connected to One Great Eternal Spirit that Created Everything that Exists in Our Life's Spear Physically, Spiritually and Mentally And That Is YOU.”  Father God We ALL Have to Live, Love, and Hope Together Every Single Day of Our Lives So THANKS for Blessing Each of Us with our Individual and Unique Special Needs. Thanks Lord God for Your Holy Existence, Your Truth, Your Mercy, and Your Worldly Support because Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and Glory Forever and Ever. Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen…
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Special Bible Study: GOD is Spirit ~ Read 1 Corinthians 2: 1-16 ~ GWT ~ Plus Special Bible Study Focus ~               *GOD is Spirit and we need access to the Holy Spirit to fully 
 understand the mysteries of GOD. We can only gain access to the Holy Spirit by accepting JESUS CHRIST. After we accept JESUS CHRIST, we are gifted with the Holy Spirit. One of my favorite passages about our immortal futures with GOD is found in one of the books of Corinthians. I love it because it says we are not able to imagine the things that GOD has prepared for everyone who loves Him. It is a wonderful book, especially when you meditate and reflect on some of the ugliness of living in this world. Nevertheless, it helps you take a different perspective on your spirituality…  For rest of Special Bible Study follow the link at Cross.TV…  
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