Friday, February 19, 2016

Prayer for Today: Friday, February 19, 2016

Prayer for Today: Friday, February 19, 2016
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Our Father God Who Resides in Heaven and on Earth May You Continue to Bless Your Children with the Ability to Function Successfully in Our Personal and Professional Lives. Father God Today’s Special Prayer is for Anyone who is Struggling to Believe in You as the Sole Spiritual God and Creator of Everything and Everyone. There is Billions Worldwide Who Need Your Assistance in this Matter and there is Billions Still Searching For Your Truth. There are Ministries that have the Wherewithal tAssist These Spiritual  
 Sojourners Who are Failing Them So Please Help these Ministers, Teachers and Leaders Share Your Truth with the Correct Respect, Grace, and Responsibility that is a True Reflection of You and Your Holiness. Father Please Remind These Ministers and Teachers and Leaders Who Represent You that You are the Judge and *All Power Belongs to You and They Must Be Respectful of this When Making Decisions Concerning Your Children Worldwide; Thanks Father God Because All Power Belongs to You, now and Forever. Apostle Peter said this in Regard to Your Power: “To Him Be All Power unto the Ages of the Ages! Amen.” (1 Peter 5:11).  Lord God Please Forgive All of Us as Your Children of Our Debts As We Forgive Others of Their Debts With Us, Thank You; and Please Continue to Lead Us Not into Negativity, and Any Temptation that Will Lead Us into Harmful Behavior that Affects Us, and Others Mentally and Physically.  Father Today, as a Spiritual Sojourner I Thank You for Blessing Me and Billions of Your Children Worldwide see Friday and Yet Again the End of Another Work Week in the Year of Our Lord 2016; Yes!!! Thanks Especially to You, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ Your Holy Son, and As this Week Ends I Want to Tell You How Grateful that I am for Your Love, Grace, and Truth. Thanks for Being Merciful enough to Allow All Your Children Worldwide to Live, and Work through this Week with All of Their Needs, and Many of Their Desires As Well; You are Awesome! Father Please Forgive us for Our Transgressions and Please Assist Us in Our Efforts to Forgive Those Who Transgress against Us. Father I Love, Honor and Adore You. Thanks for Providing Us with a 
Professional Ability to Work and to Find Work to Pay for Our Daily Needs and Desires this Past Week. Lord God for Everyone Who is asking for a Physical, Spiritual, or Mental Healing; I Am Touching, and Agreeing with Them Via Cyberspace Mentally for a Healing By Our Combined Faiths. Father God I Will Continually Honor, Thank, Praise, and Worship You Because You Are The Most High God!Thanks for Jesus Christ, Your Holy Spirit, and Your Truth, Love, and Faithfulness Every Single Day for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory For Ever!!!! Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen…
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*All Power Belongs to God: 
1 Peter 5:11 
“To Him Be All Power unto the Ages of the Ages! Amen.” - Weymouth Bible 
*A Comparison of Bible Translations
for 1 Peter 5:11 
 2nd Note of All Power is God's: *Psalm 62:11 (ASV) 
“God hath spoken once, Twice have I heard this, That power belongeth unto God.” 
Question: "How can we rely on the power of God?" 
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