Monday, June 29, 2015

Prayer for Today: Monday, June 29, 2015

Prayer for Today: Monday, June 29, 2015
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My Father GOD who Art in Heaven and in Earth Residing In, Through, and Around Everyone and Everything Living, Moving and Breathing Today I Thank You for the Gift of Living to See Another Monday. Father God You ARE Spirit! You Created Us in Your Image. Thanks for this Special Gift And For Leading Us Away From Every Negative Type of Bondage That Is Keeping Us From Acknowledging You And Loving You And Our Fellow Brothers And Sisters Worldwide. Holy Father Thanks for Your Forgiveness Today and for Your Continual Support of All Your Children Worldwide as We Move Forward With A Positive Reflection of You and Your Holy Spirit in our Personal And Professional Lives.  Thank You for Blessing All Your Children Worldwide Daily with Food and Shelter; Please Continue to Lead Us Away from Temptation While Delivering Us from Evil and Negativity. Thanks Father God for Your Holy Existence and All of the Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial Blessings that You Always Bestow upon Us Daily. Please Help Everyone Have A Way Out of Any Situation with Help From Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as Well as the Many Support Systems and People That You Have in Place for These Situations. Father Today’s Special Prayer is for People Suffering from any Personal or Professional Issue and **a Specific Prayer for Any Wars that are going on Worldwide and Especially with  the Racial Issues and Strain Ongoing in America.  Father God Please Bless All Participants have a Change of Heart and because Our World is Big Enough for All of Us to Coexist Here without War and Coveting What Our Brother and Sisters Have and Believe; Father All Things are Yours in Heaven and on Earth!  You are the Beginning and Ending of All Things!  You are Awesome! Today, as a Spiritual Learner, and Future PhD in Human Services, I Thank You for Blessing Me and Your World Every Single Day in 2015 and Beyond as You Will. Finally, Father God Thanks for Jesus Christ, and Your **Holy Spirit for Leading and Teaching Us Your Truth and as our Special Guide as well as The Physical and Spiritual Comforter of All Believers!!! Father I Ask All Prayerful Things In The Name of You as the World’s Father, and in the Name of Jesus Christ as Your Holy Son and Also in the Name of the Holy Spirit for Thine Lord God is the Kingdom, The Power and The Glory Forever and Ever. Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen…
*Our World is Big Enough for All of Us to 
Live and Interact Within It Successfully!!!
Please Pray for A Future With Peaceful Acceptance of Each Our Choices in Our Personal and Professional Lives. We All Have The Right to Choose Who We Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Serve as A Personal God But We Must Also Peacefully Accept the Fact That Everyone Else Who Exists Also Have That Same Mental, Physical as Well as Spiritual Choice as Well. SO Please Start a Personal and Professional Choice for Co-Existing Peacefully! Please Let's Have Namaste in Our World!!  ~ Loretta Erses
**Holy Spirit for Leading and Teaching us Your Truth and as our Guide
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